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Gujing Gujing Winery is located opposite the Bozhou for imitation Ming and Qing court building, in 2008 was named "national 4A level scenic spots," Anhui "Top Ten" Industry Museum is one of the earliest one of the wine museum, together with the old well winery, Wei well, Song Well, by the National Tourism Administration named as the "industrial tourism demonstration sites." Wine Culture Museum was built in 1994, covers an area of 3200 square ...[Detail]

Aka Baiyi';an, named because of Guanyin worship Baiyitaishi, road traffic in the western end of Bozhou City, Anhui Province Key monasteries and provincial key protection units. Shunzhi 6 years (1649), White Law School created by the monks to do break and subsequently by the monk Miao Shan Zhan, blind monk de-liter Mountain, Shanxi drug manufacturers Dongji Wen has expanded, large-scale, towering buildings. Germany to commemorate the blind monk ...[Detail]

Beijing Double Temple Street Temple in Bozhou city, is the Hui people religious ceremonies, to teach religious knowledge in the mosque. Now Bozhou key protection units. Beijing Temple east of the West Block, Bo moved to Beijing in early Muslims created in the Yuan Dynasty, after the rebuilt several times. There existing gate, waist hall, preaching hall, no other buildings like the palace, area of 3500 square meters, before and after the ...[Detail]

Also known as Church, located in Bozhou Dong Street, and adjacent to one Bozhou (a missionary for the church run by the Central Plains.) 23 years of the Qing dynasty (1897), a white American Christian missionaries to Bozhou missionary, and established a church in the north of Guo. After returning to the white one, Xuantong 2 years (1910), the American cure-pi, including Wande, including Ed, who came from Shandong Bo to take over the white ...[Detail]

Shen Lixin County in the village for Ma Dianxiang. Slightly higher for the middle of the site, surrounded by weak and gentle slopes, an area of about 5,000 square meters. Collected on duckbill-shaped, flat chisel-shaped (the surface of the groove), conical tripartite balance. Blue shapes with terracotta sand pot-shaped pattern Ding, decorated with wide concave ventral pattern of the coarse blue and other thick-walled cylinder. Later age of ...[Detail]

Tuan Wang Lixin County is located in the town of Juan village southwest of the bridge, was built nd. Thickening across the river above the bridge a total length of 14 meters, the bridge is 5 hole, 4 meters wide bridge, brick structure. Paved with rectangular stone bridge deck section, the bridge was spindle-shaped stone block, the cornerstone of the bottom cushion with a cylindrical upper with schungite brick, the building is simple and solemn. ...[Detail]

Discipline in Lixin County Sun Jizhen large village west, was built Jiaqing 5 years before (1800), the legend is named to commemorate the century built good man. Seven six-sided tower, tower base plane was hexagonal, about 10 meters high tower. A tower next to the original temple has been destroyed. Department of vinyl structure of this pagoda tower. The first storey of about 2.2 meters, the other layers bottom layer height decreases. Two, ...[Detail]

Mengcheng Wolf at the Peak, Temple has gate, Front Hall, Middle Temple, rear a total of 13. Two courtyards, with enclosure walls, the overall for the masonry structure, county-level key protection units. Monastery was built in the Tang Dynasty years, the original temple grand, at the upper and lower Temple Temple two parts, a total of over a hundred temples, the 1,300 years ago. Beginning of a "Zhao Ming Temple", is to take the Southern Emperor ...[Detail]